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Sightseeing spots in the Shimabara Peninsula

After taking a stroll through the hot-spring town of Obama, make a brief excursion to other area attractions!
The Shimabara Peninsula has plenty of tourist attractions and enjoyable spots.

Obama Attractions

  • Hot Foot 105

    Measuring at 105 meters long, this foot bath (free to use) is Japan’s longest, and it uses 100% hot spring water.
    The 105 in the foot bath’s name also relates to the 105°C temperature of Obama Hot Spring, which is said to be the hottest hot spring in Japan.

  • Mushigama (steaming kettles)

    Right next to the footbaths, you’ll find steaming kettles known as “mushigama.” You can bring any food that you would like to cook, including eggs, vegetables, as well as fish.
    You can then place them into a kettle and steam and eat your food as you like.

  • Jacaranda (best viewed around June)

    Jacaranda is one of the charms of early summer in the hot-spring town of Obama. Its violet flower petals offer a soul-soothing sight to visitors.

Unzen Attractions

  • Nita Pass

    This scenic spot retains its beauty throughout the year with its rhododendrons in spring, greenery in summer, changing leaves in fall, and rime in winter.
    There is also a ropeway that runs from the pass to the mountain peak.

  • Unzen Jigoku

    The smell of sulfur and steam fill the air in this famous tourist attraction that represents Unzen Hot Springs.

Shimabara Attractions

  • Shimabara Castle Ruins

    A beautiful castle that retains some of the magnificent vestiges of its Azuchi-Momoyama style, including in its five-story castle keep that was restored in 1964.

  • Shimabara Samurai Houses

    A charming street that has preserved the former residences of samurai in a way that harks back to bygone days. The spring water that flows through the center of the street also offers a soul-soothing experience.

Minami-Shimabara Attractions

  • Dolphin Watching

    Observe wild dolphins that inhabit the Shimabara Peninsula from aboard a boat. There’s more than a 90% chance that you will encounter a dolphin on this tour, and you will be even more impressed by the cute-looking dolphins when you see them up close. The boats for this tour depart from Kuchinotsu Port and from Kazusa Port. The entire experience takes between 1 hour and 1 hour and 20 minutes

  • 小浜温泉観光協会
  • 雲仙温泉観光協会
  • 島原観光ビューロー
  • 南島原ひまわり観光協会
  • 雲仙温泉郷
  • 長崎と天草地方の潜伏キリシタン関連遺産
  • 島原半島ジオパーク
  • ながさき旅ネット