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Handling of Personal Information

Ryokan Yamadaya of Obama Hot Spring, Unzen National Park, Nagasaki Prefecture (hereafter referred to as “Ryokan Yamadaya”), protects privacy information and manages it appropriately based on designated laws and regulations.

Acquisition of Personal Information

Ryokan Yamadaya acquires the personal information of our customers via phone call, our website, lodging reservations made through partner lodging reservation websites, inquiries, etc.

Use of Personal Information

Ryokan Yamadaya acquires and uses personal information only for certain purposes within the boundaries set below.

  • For inquiries from customers and work-related contact with customers.
  • For contact and confirmation related to reservation submissions.
  • For collecting feedback and surveys following a customer’s stay.
  • For any other occasion where we need to contact our customers in relation to our work.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Ryokan Yamadaya appropriately manages the personal information it handles and does not provide any of our customers’ personal information to any third party without the consent of our customers, except in the following instances:

  • When we receive a legal request for the disclosure of information.
  • When a customer has provided prior consent.
  • When it becomes necessary to provide information due to disaster, accident, sudden sickness, or other emergencies.

Disclosure, Inquiry, and Correction of Personal Information

If we receive a request from an individual to either disclose, inquire, correct, or delete their personal information, we will promptly carry out said request upon confirming the identity of the individual in question.

For inquiries related to the handling of personal information

Ryokan Yamadaya
Obama Hot Spring, Unzen Hot Springs National Park, Nagasaki Prefecture
905-7 Kitahonmachi, Obama-cho, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 854-0514
phone 0957-75-0505