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The smell of the salty sea breeze hangs in the air at this hot spring area that faces Tachibana Bay.
The ever-changing expressions of the sea and golden-dyed sunsets of the area offer a contrasting experience to the mountains that face the adjacent Unzen Hot Springs,
stirring the hearts of travelers.

A steamy seaside hot-spring town known for its beautiful sunsets

Hot-spring hotels, restaurants, and other establishments line the seafront facing Tachibana Bay at the base of Mt. Unzen amid the steam that rises from the source of the hot spring, stirring the hearts of travelers.
And at dusk, the evening sun dyes this hot-spring town with its golden color.

  • 60 minutes by taxi from Nagasaki Airport. 50 minutes by taxi from “Isahaya Station” on the JR Nagasaki Main Line
  • 60 minutes by bus after getting off at Isahaya Station on the JR Nagasaki Main Line, or 50 minutes by car from the Nagasaki-Isahaya IC
  • From Fukuoka
     Without a car: 2 hours 40 minutes by highspeed bus from Tenjin/Hakata. 50 minutes by bus after getting off at JR Isahaya Station
     By car/Kyushu Expressway: 50 minutes from the Tosu JCT heading towards the Nagasaki Expressway, then to the Isahaya IC, and then take national route 57 towards Unzen
  • From Kumamoto
     60 minutes by ferry from Kumamoto New Port after getting off at Misumi Station. 1 hour 10 minutes by bus from Shimabara
  • Parking Information
    There is a municipal parking lot that can be used for free.
    First, come to our hotel. We will guide you.